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Where we harness the ancient powers of Music and Meditation as Medicine for the

Mind, Body and Soul



Returning to the visceral experience of music and sound as powerful ways to experience direct vibrational healing in our minds, hearts, and bodies. 
Where music is felt, not interpreted.



Freedom from the duality of the mind 
Freedom into the unity of the heart



Tuning into our Heart-Mind
The Seat of the Soul
Our Highest Self


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Brought life and light to where pain is in the body - I felt the music in my bones. Awakening to the heart.

Our Offerings


Coming together to explore, ground, and expand.

You will experience:


Live channelled string music

Mindful listening

Sound Healing

Guided visualization

Inner Sound Journey



Join our weekend retreat in Italy this fall. 

Oct 21 - 23rd 2022.

Click below for details.

For serious inquiries, email us at musicfreemyheart@gmail.com.



We are here to create a global community of seekers who are ready to activate their heart's full potential through monthly meditations designed to support the awakening process through the visceral healing power of music and meditation as medicine.

Tuning into our shared humanity.

One breath at a time; one note at a time.

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Carolyn Baron is an American songwriter/lyricist, holistic counselor, meditation teacher, and body worker, living in Florence, Italy. She is the founder and CEO of Soda Box Music, a new model sync and licensing agency. 

As a songwriter, she was an early pioneer in online collaborations, and has worked with artists and songwriters from around the globe, having many of her songs placed in films and television shows. 

In 2018, her song "Still In Time", co-written and performed by Italian artist Bernardo Baglioni, was featured in the critically acclaimed documentary film "Weed The People"(now available on Netflix). You can learn more about Carolyn here.



Ari Urban is a classically trained violinist, studio musician, and global performer who is passionate to share her soul's music as an avenue for self compassion. ​  

As an emerging solo artist, Ari has been co-writing sacred music with recording artist and producer, Preston Klik for the past two years. You can find their music here.

Ari has a rich history of sharing the stage with world-renowned artists including Yo-Yo Ma, Ben Folds, Jacob Collier, Tank and the Bangas, Kimbra, Joshua Bell, Michael Buble, Bobby McFerrin, Yoshiki, Kanye West, Angelique Kidjo, Josh Groban, PJ Morton, Richard Bona, Evanescence, Lindsey Stirling, Johnny Mathis, Father John Misty, Andrea Bocelli, Gloria Estefan, George Benson, and performed at the Latin Grammys 2020.  

​Ari holds two Grammy certificates.

Learn more about Ari here.


What we Value

Listening to the whispers of our intuition

Personal sovereignty

Open mindedness

Interest and curiosity


What we Believe

LOVE is not an idea or a concept; it's a felt experience 

LOVE is what we're made of; the energy of all creation, the source of awareness.

Learning to open to the love within; as a way of bringing healing to the unconscious, painful shadow aspects of ourselves


Why we Exist

Humans are craving to feel alive in their bodies again.

We've all been living in a mind-based society that has completely disconnected us from our direct, visceral experience of life.

We are here to show others how to access the ever-flowing well of joy, well-being, and deep connection that is within every human, waiting to be tapped.



From the Source

Ari’s cascading melodic lines in “Wandress,” conducts the listeners mind through a wandering path of the subconscious.
Lead by the Empress herself, her mystical phrasing reminds the heart to trust the process as we surrender to the alluring depths of the soul, by simply breathing...
in and out, in and out...

Najeeb S.

Loved the session! It was super charged and the meditation was exactly what I needed today. Tapping into the emotions as a part of meditation was perfect. 
Ari’s music was charged and sparked a range of sensations and emotions- from reaching out to the glory of the exalted, to the sorrow of the ancients, to the calm of the river and more.  
Totally magical and magnificent.

Marilyn D.

Participating in a Music Free My Heart session was a true soul event. The vibrational sound created by Ari was deeply healing and the meditation guided by Carolyn activated a transformational experience that still resonates at the deepest levels.
They are gems in this world.

Anna Lisa Tempestini


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