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Using music and sound as powerful gateways to experience direct vibrational healing.

Where music is felt, not interpreted.

"There’s so much more to engaging with music... because the listener makes the artists’ music their own, and
in doing this together, it becomes a collective energy.

We can use this as a way to touch our deepest feelings and raise our vibrations - letting go of limited concepts of me, and you - and become the music together."

- Carolyn Baron

What do we offer?
Retreats, workshops, and private sessions for people wanting to learn how to utilize Music and Meditation as Medicine.


our mission

At the intersection of live music concerts, guided meditative experiences, and group workshops, Carolyn and Ari lead their audience to feel the music directly, without the interference of the “critical” mind, focusing on healing emotional and energetic blocks through channelled music and guided meditation inner journeys. 

Ancient cultures understood that the mind existed to serve the heart… the mind was never meant to become the master of the heart; and yet, our modern society has made this our “normal”.

We have been taught to praise the intellect… and baffle at our emotions; the very quality that makes us human.

We are here to remember our shared humanity... our shared vulnerability... and our shared resilience.

Private Sessions

We are here to meet you exactly where you are.

Curious to see if we might be a good fit?

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As a master body worker, metaphysical healer, and holistic counselor, Carolyn Baron has been guiding clients on inner journey’s for over three decades.


This powerful work has enabled many to connect more directly with their hearts and reach a deeper level of awareness of their physical, emotional, and mental processes. She has also conducted numerous trainings, workshops, and retreats which have focused on the special and profound nature of the group experience.


Carolyn is also a songwriter, lyricist, and musician who deeply understands the ability of music, rhythm, and sound to touch our hearts and raise and balance our energies.

As a songwriter, she was an early pioneer in online collaborations, and has worked with artists and songwriters from around the globe.


Many of her songs from these collaborations have been placed in films and television shows. She is also the founder and CEO of Soda Box Music, a new model boutique sync and licensing agency. 



Ari Urban is a classically trained violinist, studio musician, and global performer who is passionate about sharing her soul's music as an avenue for self compassion. ​  


As an emerging solo artist, Ari has been co-writing sacred music with recording artist and producer, Preston Klik for the past three years. You can find their music here.


Ari has a rich history of sharing the stage with world-renowned artists including Yo-Yo Ma, Wyclef Jean, Ben Folds, Jacob Collier, Tank and the Bangas, Kimbra, Joshua Bell, Michael Buble, Bobby McFerrin, Yoshiki, Angelique Kidjo, Josh Groban, PJ Morton, Richard Bona, Evanescence, Lindsey Stirling, Johnny Mathis, Father John Misty, Andrea Bocelli, Gloria Estefan, George Benson, and more.

​Ari holds two Grammy certificates.

Learn more about Ari here.

so what exactly
do we do?

We offer a meditative concert-like experience where Ari’s music activates deep feeling, and Carolyn assists in the integration of their direct experience of the music.

Through our combined skills, we teach people how to feel the music directly, instead of interpreting it with the mind.


We show them that the vibration of LOVE is a felt experience, not an idea or a concept.

Our superpower is our ability to tune in directly to the needs of our participants.

We’re here to show you fresh ways of embracing the full range of emotions that you may be experiencing through this time of great uncertainty on the planet.


Science now proves that Music has the power to uplift our vibration, positively affect our body's chemistry, and balance our emotions.

There's never been a better time to start using music and meditation as foundational tools in one’s daily practice as a way to embody more presence, spontaneity, equanimity, joy, creativity, child-like wonder, freedom, and confidence. 

We do this work to bring balance to our inner worlds -which allows us to return home to our deepest nature -

as heart-centered beings.

why do we do this work?

As we learn to temporarily remove the interference of the thinking, judging, dualistic mind, our experience of the music will allow us to connect with the subtle sensations of our higher selves, and the oneness that we share with all beings.

Imagine the body as a symphony orchestra, with every cell representing a specific instrument. 


Through the process of entrainment, we use music and sound in order to literally “retune” the 50 trillion cells in the body in order for them to come into a state of coherence.

When the cells of the body are vibrating coherently,

any “dis - ease” in the body melts away.

This process happens on the physical, mental, emotional, and ethereal levels simultaneously... allowing us to tune into the body's natural intelligence for greater wellbeing on all levels.

how does it work?



We're also really passionate about exploring the profound.. through a playful lens :)


Utilizing a plethora of metaphysical practices that Carolyn has used in her private and group client work for decades.


Sound healing, meditative exercises, and channelled live music to awaken your inner healer, your inner child, and your inner hero.


We're ready to partner with you.

Are you a retreat facilitator looking to co-lead your retreat (yoga/woman's/corporate/wellness/etc), with the perfect complimentary offering of healing music and meditation?


Please get in touch if you feel the pull.

We'd love to see if we could be a good fit.

others say it best

"Loved the session! It was super charged and the meditation was exactly what I needed today. Tapping into the emotions as a part of meditation was perfect. 
Ari’s music was charged and sparked a range of sensations and emotions- from reaching out to the glory of the exalted, to the sorrow of the ancients, to the calm of the river and more.  

Just wanted to also let you know the messages I received were 'allow light and love- both in and out' and to 'soften the heart'.  

Totally magical and magnificent."

"Participating in a Music Free My Heart session was a true soul event. The vibrational sound created by Ari was deeply healing and the meditation guided by Carolyn activated a transformational experience that still resonates at the deepest levels.
They are gems in this world."

"A kind of experience one doesn't have in the ordinary world, and different from meditation as I have known it, even kirtan."

"What a beautiful experience this morning. The violin performance by Ari was so moving. The music felt like I was experiencing my life journey.
Music is so powerful to our healing and provides another alternative to relaxation."
"Brought life and light to where pain is in the body - I felt the music in my bones.
Awakening to the heart."
"Ari’s cascading melodic lines in “Wandress,” conducts the listeners mind through a wandering path of the subconscious.
Lead by the Empress herself, her mystical phrasing reminds the heart to trust the process as we surrender to the alluring depths of the soul,
by simply and out, in and out..."

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